Duck Bill® Warranty

The Duck Bill® Warranty

The Duck Bill® Money Clip is guaranteed for life to the original owner.

Should a Duck Bill® Money Clip ever fail in normal use, or ever reveal a defect in materials or workmanship, it can be returned for repair and restoration, or Duck Bill® will replace it at no charge. If it’s on us, we’ll make it right. Period.

Even if it’s on the user, say a Duck Bill® Money Clip is subjected to abuse far beyond normal use and scope of the guarantee. Maybe, in a pinch, it gets used as a screwdriver. Maybe it becomes happily overstuffed with casino winnings. Or, maybe it’s used to dig out of an avalanche and appears ruined. Return it, and even then, Duck Bill® will attempt repairs and restoration for a reasonable repair or replacement charge. Even if it’s on the user, we’ll still try to make it right.