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The Duck Bill® Money Clip is best described this way: Cool. Simple. Works.™ 

It’s simply the best money clip on the planet. It’s guaranteed for life. There’s always free domestic shipping. And it makes for an extraordinarily durable, memorable, sentimental gift. Inspired by a real duck’s bill, it’s manufactured from proprietary stainless steel, hand polished to a mirror finish, laser-engraved with the distinctive Duck Bill® logo, nested inside EVA foam, contained inside its metal box, and encased in a protective sleeve.

It’s a different money clip. This is the Original, Patented, Duck Bill® Money Clip, created with Quad Bend Bite Design™, that simply does not lose its bite with normal use.

Each of the four bends on the closed end stores bite force that, in conjunction with the other three bends, exerts exceptional closure force that keeps  it from gapping with use. It snaps back to holding just a single piece of currency. The distinctive sound of a working Duck Bill® Money Clip as it slides off a stack of cash, plastic, receipts, business cards and other “stuff,” is audible assurance that it’s bite force is intact.

Duck Bill® Money Clip dimensions are: 3-1/8” x 1-0/0” x 0-1/2”.

It weighs 0.8 oz.

Duck Bill® Money Clip packaging dimensions are: 3-3/4” x 2-1/2” x 0-7/8”.

Packaging, fully loaded, weighs 2.7 oz.

The Duck Bill® Money Clip has been called "the best money clip on the planet" because it's designed to be the enduring, useful, valuable tool it is. Every dimension is thought through, right down to the upturned top bill that facilitates loading and serves as tactile assurance to the user that it’s secure in a front pocket.

The Duck Bill® Money Clip requires only the simplest, smoothest motions to use. It requires only the intuitive, obvious manipulation to move in and out of a front pocket to transact daily life. Within an initial two weeks of use, max, it becomes an impossible-to-forsake part of everyday carry.

The Duck Bill® Money Clip easily and securely holds a wad of cash, plastic, business cards, receipts, and other “stuff” about 3/8” thick. That’s the equivalent of about 30 bills and 6 plastic cards. Typically, that gets it done for everyday carry.

And that’s just the basic, unembellished money clip.

With custom, hand-engraved personalization by Master Engraver Ken Brown, the Duck Bill® Money Clip becomes a lifetime keepsake treasured as much for its sentimental value as its invaluable utility.

Further, there’s the Duck Bill® Money Clip as corporate identity platform with laser-engraved logos and messaging.

There’s a perfect Duck Bill® Money Clip for every pocket. 

The Duck Bill® Money Clip is guaranteed for life to the original owner.

Should a Duck Bill® Money Clip ever fail in normal use, or ever reveal a defect in materials or workmanship, it can be returned for repair and restoration, or Duck Bill® will replace it at no charge. If it’s on us, we’ll make it right. Period.

Even if it’s on the user, say a Duck Bill® Money Clip is subjected to abuse far beyond normal use and scope of the guarantee. Maybe, in a pinch, it gets used as a screwdriver. Maybe it becomes happily overstuffed with casino winnings. Or, maybe it’s used to dig out of an avalanche and appears ruined. Return it, and even then, Duck Bill® will attempt repairs and restoration for a reasonable repair or replacement charge. Even if it’s on the user, we’ll still try to make it right.

Product Reviews

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Money Clip
Written by Bryan Kynkor on Mar 10th 2023

The best money clip I have ever bought. Most money clips bend out of shape if I overstuff, however, never with Duck Bill. Have had mine for over 10 years and looking at getting one for my son.

Duck Bill® Clip
Written by Patrick on Oct 8th 2022

I have had my clip for over ten years. Has not lost its spring and works just as well as the day I purchased it. Switching from my billfold to a Duck Bill® saved my back!

Written by Ragunath Kesavan on May 25th 2022

Well finished product and useful.

Written by John on May 18th 2022

Perfect size. Good look. I can adequately hold 5 cards and a stack of 30 bills perfectly. It's literally everything I was looking for in a money clip. Don't hesitate.

High quality product / Excellent customer service
Written by John L. on Jan 4th 2022

So, I rarely take the time to leave customer reviews, but consider this to be an exception. I was looking for a decent money clip that was well made and strong, but not expensive jewelry, either. After reading customer reviews and detailed videos on this clip (which I found searching for stainless steel money clips online) I figured I would try this product and found the price to be very reasonable and in the range I was looking at. I only use a money clip for cash (I do use cash often on day-to-day purchases) and occasional receipts but not as a wallet for cards and ID. So the size and "heft" seemed a bit big compared to most standard clips I've used. When it arrived I was very impressed with the quality, fit and finish, and it was larger than expected. The engraving was excellent and hard to believe was free hand. On further research noting that Ken Brown has quite the resume. But the main thing that impressed me was, when I called about a minor question with my order, the owner, Tony, promptly called me back and explained the situation, asked for feedback on an automated aspect of the ordering, and even chatted a minute. I was HIGHLY impressed with that kind of direct, personal customer service I received. I would definitely recommend the Duck Bill Money Clip and expect it to perform and last as so many other reviews I have seen on it. When people see me with it and ask, I will definitely recommend it, whether for just cash or cash and cards.....Thanks

Polished Money Clip
Written by Richard H. Scott on Jul 19th 2021

Handles a few cards and bills with ease. This is a quality product.

Great clip, great service
Written by Matthew on Jun 10th 2021

I've been trying to remember how long I've had my Duck Bill® Clip for. It must be over a decade. It could be two decades. It just seems I've always had it. After all that time, stuffed with tens of thousands of dollars, it's still going strong. It has slightly lost its bite, but a quick email later and I'll be getting it retooled for no charge. Now that's service! (The Duck Bill® Money Clip is guaranteed for life, even if it's just a bite tune-up after years of active service!)

Best money clip ever
Written by Chris Barnes on Jan 21st 2021

I have been using these for a good while. I have tried numerous money clips including the M Clip and the Viper Titanium and, honestly, there is no comparison. The Duck Bill® is simple and practical. It’s all about the Quad Bend Bite™ and how it goes back once money is removed. The timeless durability makes it a classic. By far, the best money clip for the money.

Exactly what I was looking for
Written by Dante on Jan 13th 2021

I'm so happy with my money clip, plus the service I got was exceptional. Thank you so much!

Terrific customer service
Written by John Hawkins on Nov 12th 2020

My new money clip arrived and I couldn't be more pleased. There was a problem with the engraving and Tony (the inventor/owner) sent me an email letting me know there was going to be a delay in getting it shipped. When it arrived there was a note from him stating that it actually took three tries to get it right. Great attention to detail and customer service. Here's my question: "Why doesn't every man in America own one of these"? (We really wanted to get placement of the engraved elements of John's order done to his precise spec. We do what it takes on all orders to make that happen. - Tony/CEO)

My 2nd Duck Bill
Written by John Hawkins on Oct 26th 2020

I am buying a new Duck Bill® after using one on a daily basis for over eight years. I wish I could give it 6 stars but the scale only goes to 5! I am buying a new one because I need to change the engraving. My old one still works like the day I bought it. I carry it securely in my left front pocket knowing that no pickpocket in the world could ever get to it. It tightly binds a wad of cash, ID cards, a couple of credit cards and an ATM card without even breathing hard! Highly recommended. Customer service is awesome as well

My third clip.
Written by Patrick Warthen on Jul 21st 2020

This is the third clip I have purchased over the decades. It is not because they have worn out or broken, rather that I simply am a klutz. I have looked at nearly every other option every time I needed a replacement, and I always came back to Duck Bill®. I have yet to be disappointed.

Duck Bill Money Clip
Written by Austin Hamblin on Jun 18th 2020

I bought my clip in October 2013 and have carried every day since then. It is amazing how well it works. I have never even considered another money clip since I bought this one close to seven years ago. It still functions like new too. I would highly recommend this money clip to anyone.

Amazing Product
Written by Denzel Newman on Jun 7th 2020

I got this as a gift, and seeing my name engraved on the back made me feel special. I recommended this as a gift for anyone.

Written by Louis Sedlacek on May 29th 2020

Best clip I ever owned will buy more for gifts

Great clip!!
Written by Matt on May 18th 2020

The money clip of all money clips. The search is over!! This is the best clip out there, I’ve tried them all!

Defiantly living up to expectations !!!
Written by Glenn Garcia on Feb 28th 2020

I was tired of holding my money and cards with a rubber band, and the leather magnet holders would just NOT hold if there were too many items, and I was frustrated!!! Then came the DUCK BILL® Money Clip!! I have to say .... very well made and So Far So GOOD!!! Good job, guys!!!

Best Clip Ever
Written by Thomas Dacey on Feb 25th 2020

I have a ton of front pocket wallets and some clips, and nothing has come close to the Duck Bill®'s great firmest in the pocket to hold plenty of cash and cards. I think I have found my last clip/wallet needed.

Money Clip
Written by Jim on Feb 24th 2020

What a beautiful piece of functionality! Best money clip by far. Keeps my knot tight all the time no matter what I put between it. And I love the click!

Awesome money clip!
Written by TJ on Feb 22nd 2020

Could not be more pleased! Duck Bill allows you to carry a nice stack of cash!

Written by Ron on Feb 14th 2020

Have had my duck bill money clip for 1 day And so far it is great! Solidly built and clamps down on your cards and cash snugly. Don’t hesitate if you’re on the fence ! I would have paid more for this quality money clip. Shipping was fast and the packing of the clip was cool too !

High quality product!
Written by Ray on Feb 12th 2020

I bought the Duck Bill money clip about ten years ago and it still works like brand new. It is an excellent high quality product. I got my Duck Bill money clip engraved and have received compliments on the engraving. If I were ever to lose my Duck Bill money clip I would definitely order another one with the engraving. It is a must have every-day-carry item.

great clip - better than I expected
Written by Larry Meador on Jan 19th 2020

Bought the clip for "poker money" - so not an every day carrier - and even engraved it as such, but I may be making a change and ordering another? This is a great money clip...looks cool, the engraving was done by hand, it's really solid., and it holds a lot, very secure.